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It is said that Daruma (Bodhidharma) lost his limbs after 9 years of meditation.
So, how did he manage to become so widely known to Japanese people since ancient times?
I believe It’s because he grew “wings”.
Even in this modern world, his wings are spread and he speaks to everyone on Earth.
And…, He tells us that if we don’t wish first, nothing will come true.

Apply the dot sticker to the right eye when facing the Daruma.

​Take out the seal,
dot sticker, and
dream paper
from the envelope.

Write your wish on
the dream paper.

Roll up the
dream paper
like a cigar and
put it in the Daruma.

Cover the hole on
the bottom of the
Daruma with the seal.

If the wish comes true,
please put the dot
sticker on the empty
eye of the Daruma.

​8-panel comics in all instructions It's on. (Japanese-English)

The height is 5.91 in, the width is 6.69 in, and the depth is 5.91 in .

Release commemorative campaign!!

Now you can get 20% off the original price of 3,300 yen (tax included). We are selling it for 2,640 yen (tax included) + shipping.

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O-negai daruma Happy (Red) 2,640YEN

O-negai daruma Happy (White) 2,640YEN

Produed by takahiro tozuka
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